Innovative Nano-porous TiO2 PCO Technology with Blue LED Light

Our air purifiers use award-winning PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) mesh unit and blue light PCO honeycomb module responsive to 460nm to provide the best indoor air quality by removing both particulate dust and gaseous pollutants, VOC gases, bacteria, and viruses.

airFrame F series

puripot airFrame is a frame type air purifier with state-of-the-art PCO technology optimized for blue LED light. This product is thin and aerodynamic shaped and can be placed  on a table or shelf using the providing wooden legs.


airLamp L series

puripot airLamp is a lamp-type air purifier with innovative PCO technology applied to the mesh unit and honeycomb module, performing strong sterilization, deodorization and fine dust removal functions while providing lighting.


Mobile M series

M Series are mobile air purifiers with tumbler shape design and light weight of 320 grams. Due to its shape, it can be easily mounted on car cup holder to create a comfortable driving environment for safer driving.


Personal P series

P Series is a personal air purifier that uses the patented the blue light PCO technology to remove harmful VOC gases, bacteria, viruses, odors and fine dust. The water in the lower water tank is used for primary dust collection.


PCO Key Functions



Effective deodorization by photocatalyst oxidation with porous titanium dioxide photosensitizer



Strong sterilization by blue light PCO with instantaneously hyper-active hydroxyl radicals that decompose VOCs, bacteria and viruses.


Fine Dust Removal

Powerful fine dust removal with multi-layer PCO mesh unit installed in the air entrance to the main honeycomb module


No Filter, No UV, No Ozone

Filter replacement-free and Ozone-free PCO technology with 460nm visible blue light

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