M series

puripot M series (M1/P1+) are mobile air purifiers suitable for compact spaces such as car cup holders. M1+ is the same as M1 with additional VOC gas sensor to monitor the air quality. The color of the power button at top changes based on the VOC level around M1+.

General Details

puripot M series: M1/M1+

The puripot M series are mobile type air purifiers with tumbler shape design and light weight of 320 grams, making it easy to carry wherever needed. When traveling by car, it can be mounted on the cup holder to create a comfortable driving environment for safe drive. This product is also equipped with our latest blue light PCO technology.

The air purifier has an electrochemical photocatalyst unit coated with mesoporous structured titanium dioxide materials. This unit uses the visible light of 460nm wavelength to generate instantaneously hyperactive hydroxyl radicals that ultimately break down VOCs destroying the molecular bonds. This is the core part of the air cleaning process without producing any byproducts that could be harmful to the human body.


Function Details


Effective deodorization by photocatalyst action with porous titanium dioxide photosensitizer


Strong sterilization by photocatalyst honeycomb unit with hydroxyl radical to remove VOCs, bacteria and viruses

Compact Design

Close and powerful dual filter system with non-replaceable PCO fine-dust filter and PCO unit filter

LED Mood Light

Mood light effect at night by internal soft blue LED

Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitoring with VOC gas sensor



puripot M1+ has an additional air quality monitoring function with VOC gas sensor. You can set the air purifier AUTO mode that will automatically control the fan speed based on the environment air quality.