P series

puripot P series (P1/P1+/P1N) are personal air purifiers with harmless visible wavelength blue light. P1+ has an additional VOC gas sensor to monitor the air quality, and P1N has another additional environment sensor (temperature and humidity) and WiFi for remote IoT service.

General Details

puripot P series: P1/P1+/P1N

puripot P series are personal air purifiers with blue light PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology that cleans the air by removing volatile organic compound (VOC) gases, bacteria and viruses. This is the core technology of our puripot that provides excellent and effective deodorization and sterilization performance without producing Ozone. Our innovation behind the technology is to activate nano-porous TiO2, nanoparticle photoexcitation by using a visible wavelength light so there will be no Ozone usually produced by UV light source, and to achieve the same air purification performance at the same time.

While many people are aware of outside air quality, they  spend 93% of their time indoors, meaning indoor air quality is of vital importance. With our air purifiers, you can make the air around you as pure as possible. Superbly compact yet powerful, this device works to effectively remove harmful VOCs to improve the air quality. puripot products do this even without periodically replacing filters, meaning there’s no hassle in maintenance. Instead, it uses harmless blue light PCO technology responsive to 460nm visible light spectrum. As it sterilizes, puripot also deodorizes the air and naturally moisturizes the air. Altogether, these functions offer the freshness that you simply can’t achieve indoors otherwise. Plus, you won’t be wasting money on costly filters.

Product Details

Product Details

1. Light & Small

We don’t believe the ideal air purification is to cover the entire space with a large capacity one. Instead, we do believe that we will achieve the maximum performance by placing air purification devices in the places where dedicated service is needed. With that in mind, we developed the technology and design that are only suitable for the puripot.

“In your life, by your side!”

When you are busy on doing what you love most, puripot will keep you fresh and pleasant by supplying clean air near you.


2. No Filter

puripot is designed such a way that the VOC gas (bad odor) and harmful virus are purified by the puripot’s proprietary technology, and the fine dust is designed to be collected by natural water. However, even without water, puripot can remove harmful gases (bad order), viruses and germs that are really bad for your health.

Water is evaporated due to natural humidification effect after 2 ~ 3 days, so you can fill it once every time.

(The rate of evaporation of water may vary depending on room humidity, temperature, and user settings. The amount of dust remaining on the floor after all the water has evaporated depends on the indoor environment.)


3. Excellent Performance

The unique proprietary technology of puripot is far ahead among others. puripot uses titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology with visible blue light, not UV light, which is the first of kind in this category. Active oxygen generated by the reaction of photocatalyst to the visible blue light decomposes all harmful substances such as noxious gases, bacteria, fungi, viruses.


4. No Ozone & No UV

The ozone emission test has been conducted and the value of the puripot is 0.002ppm, which corresponds to one-twenty fifth (1/25) of the internationally accepted standard value of 0.05ppm. This means our product is ozone-free.



5. Convenience

The power consumption of the puripot is 2w, and the power supply uses a c-type USB cable. So the puripot does not need to be plugged into a power outlet. It works reliably with your laptop or a auxiliary battery. (With a 10000mAh auxiliary battery, the puripot can operate continuously for more than a day.)

Even if the puripot is operated all day at the level 3 (maximum air volume stage), the monthly electricity bill is less than $1 (USD).


6. Natural Moisturizer & Optional Diffuser

The water tank adopted by puripot provides diffuser and natural humidification function. When filling the puripot with water, drop a few drops of the aroma diffuser for the humidifier. A subtle fragrant scent will fill your space.

The rate at which the water in the water tank evaporates depends on the room humidity. You will feel the natural humidification effect through puripot.


Operation is started by touching the power button lightly. Whenever the power button is touched, the airflow of the air purifier is adjusted sequentially: “Off -> Level 1 -> Level 2 -> Level 3 -> Off”.

You can turn the button light on and off by holding down the button for 1.5 seconds. (It does not affect the current performance.) If the power button is pressed for more than 2.5 seconds, the power will be turned off.

P1+ / P1N


P1+ is exactly the same product as P1 with one additional air quality monitoring function with VOC gas sensor. As shown below, the color of the power button located at the top changes based on the VOC level around the air purifier:

If the operation mode is set to AUTO, the fan speed is automatically adjusted based on the VOC level detected by the VOC sensor in P1+.


P1N is the network version of P1+ with additional Wi-Fi module for IoT service and environment sensor for temperature and humidity. So P1N monitors VOC level, Temperature and Humidity, and shows the data on the smartphone app “puripot”. With the app, user can control remotely the operation mode, lighting mode and power of P1N via wireless network. So puripot P1N is an all-in-one personal IoT air purifier with eco-friendly and filter-free blue light PCO technology.

P1N uses Tuya Smart global Intelligent platform that comprises embedded Wi-Fi modules to make our puripot P1N seamlessly connect to the IoT, tailored app, and the cloud service.

We have an App for our air purifiers for both Android and IOS. The app is called “puripot”, and you can download it from Google Play for Android, or Apple Store for IOS.