P series

puripot P series (P1/P1+/P1N) are personal air purifiers with harmless visible wavelength blue light. P1+ has an additional VOC gas sensor to monitor the air quality, and P1N has another additional environment sensor (temperature and humidity) and WiFi for remote IoT service.

M series

puripot M series (M1/P1+) are mobile air purifiers suitable for compact spaces such as car cup holders. M1+ is the same as M1 with additional VOC gas sensor to monitor the air quality. The color of the power button at top changes based on the VOC level around M1+.

L series

Lamp type air purifier with innovative PCO technologies: filter replacement-free PCO mesh unit and blue light PCO honeycomb module

F series

puripot airFrame is a frame type air purifier with blue light PCO technologies, that can be either mounted on walls or placed on tables with providing wooden legs.